Marcello Mastroianni, an actor known for his charm and elegance, was born in Fontana Liri (Frosinone), in 1924. When he was a child, he had the opportunity to make extras in some of Vittorio De Sica's films. He represented Italian cinema around the world, but unfortunately, he never won an Oscar. A cultured and sensitive man who despised the tabloid press. He was such a talent, to act he needed only his gaze.

Mastroianni was a humble person and had the merit of performing at his best even in films that he did not like. During his career, he obtained countless awards including several Silver Ribbons, David Di Donatello Awards as well as the Golden Lion Awards for Lifetime Achievement in 1990. Mastroianni died on December 19th, 1996 in his home in Paris, but his remains are in the Verano cemetery in Rome.