About us

Movieitaly+ is the first on-demand streaming platform that promotes Italian culture through cinema. Our main goal is to provide our viewers with the finest Italian filmography, both classic and contemporary, signed by the iconic performers and the illustrious directors that still define Italy's cultural identity. 

A wide curated programme, spanning from Neorealism to “commedia all’italiana”, from real life political drama to crime novels, spaghetti western and auteur cinema. Movieitaly+ is dedicated to the support and celebration of Italian culture through the universal language of cinema.

Through a vast offer of exclusive content, Movieitaly+ aims to promote authentic Italian culture across the world. By sharing a vibrant cultural heritage that brings together the Italian know-how, the savoir-faire and the art of living. 

Inspired by the Made In Italy’s originality and popularity, Movieitaly+ presents itself as a digital hub that offers a wide array of exclusive content that opens a window onto Italy’s great beauties: cinema, art, landscape  and culture. 
Movieitaly+ wants to uplift the excellence of Italian movies to promote the country’s culture around the globe, providing audiences the best Italian experience.