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Movieitaly+ is the only streaming platform that offers all the best of Italian cinema, of all time and genres. Great directors, unforgettable actors and award-winning films compose a catalog of pure entertainment in original language with English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese subtitles. Movieitaly+ offers movies of various genres: from comedy to social cinema, from Italian giallos to westerns, from documentaries to a special section dedicated to icons of Italian cinema and much more.

Subscribing to Movieitaly+ is very simple:

1. Connect to the Movieitaly+ website;

2. At the top right you will find the subscribe button;

3. Select the monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription;

4. Create your account by entering the required data: a valid e-mail address and a password of at least 6 characters;

5. Confirm your email.

6. Select the payment method you prefer (Amex, Credit Card Mastercard, Visa, Braintree or PayPal).

You can cancel your subscription at any time at no additional cost, by following these simple steps:

1. Select ACCOUNT;



You will be able to continue watching Movieitaly+ until the expiry date of the subscription.

You can download the application and access Movieitaly+ from any device. You can connect and use the platform's services with only one device at a time.


The price of the subscriptions is Monthly 7.99 $, Quarterly 19.99 $, and Yearly 67.99 $. You can subscribe by credit card, Braintree or PayPal.


Movieitaly+ is available both in English and Italian. You will have the possibility to change the language’s setting at any time, by simply logging into your account and clicking on the top right on EN to select English or IT to select Italian. Switching the language affects only the platform and not the movie itself, which will always be in the original language with subtitles.

Please note that in the App version of the platform the default language is the same as your smartphone. To switch from Italian to English or vice versa you need to change the smartphone language from the settings.

If you are resident in the countries in which Roku is available, and you want to access our offer, you must subscribe on

You can choose between two types of subscription: monthly at $7.99 and annual at $67.99. For you more than 350 films of all kinds and genres, in original language with English or French subtitles.

Roku’s subscription gives access to Movieitaly+ exclusively on Roku. If you want to see our movies on different devices (LG, Sasmung, iOS, Android, ecc..) you need to subscribe also on our site

Discounts are also different between Roku and our OTT. Be careful to use the right one on Roku and viceversa.