Carlo Pedersoli (Bud) and Mario Girotti (Terence), the legendary duo of Italian western films, were born respectively in Naples on 31 October 1929 and in Venice on 29 March 1939. The two actors first met on set in 1967 and was suggested to change their names to have a more international profile. Pedersoli chose the name Bud Spencer, as a tribute to his favorite actor, Spencer Tracy, while Girotti chose Terence Hill, probably inspired by Terenzio, one of his favorite playwrights.

The two shot 16 films together as protagonists for twenty years, achieving world fame. Millions of children raised in the 70s and 80s laughed and dreamed watching their gags and cheerful fist fights.

In 1999 Time magazine placed them at the top of the ranking of the most famous Italian actors in the world, and they were awarded with David di Donatello for Lifetime Achievement in 2010. The two actors remained on good relationship until Bud Spencer's death on June 27, 2016, at the age of 86.